Silent Spring @ Minories proposal

I created this design in January 2021 as an entry into a competition set by the WWF. The project was to re-imagine the future based on the climate mitigation ideas set out in the Netflix film: A Life on Planet Earth with David Attenborough. More details  below…


 Using a Dymaxion map (invented by Buckminster Fuller in 1943), each of the globe’s 20 faces would illustrate how humans can best live in harmony with nature, therefore avoiding the climate crisis. I would modify my existing design (shown here as the version I entered  recently for a competition run by the WWF) and I’d remove the reference to the the film, the overall theme remains the same.

I’d create 2 versions of the map:

• The main exhibited artwork (size and scale to be worked out once available space is know)
• Cut-out-and-create model (to sell or give away)

The artwork highlights changes that can make on an individual basis and issues that people can lobby governments to make changes at a national and international levels.

The design for the  the Cut-out-and-create model would need to have the text and images in different directions to the poster, so that it works once it has been cut out and made into a 3D globe.

Dymaxion map faces details

Click on the square to see a larger version OF THE IMAGE