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Project Description:
I had originally foreseen this project, which was part of my Postgraduate Certificate in Photography, being about the humour that I see around Cambridge, the city I call “home”. I wanted a series of images that are not the cliché, stereotypical or picture postcard representations of Cambridge, or its connection with University life. I wanted to be more about the “town” than the “gown”.

I set out with the intention of capturing the everyday situations that make me think (and sometimes say) “…only in Cambridge”. Those scenes became very elusive when I was out with my camera. As a result, the project naturally evolved into a visual and social commentary on the humour and uniqueness of human beings, with Cambridge city centre acting as the visual backdrop. And serves as my personal interpretation of why I enjoy living in Cambridge.


Project Categories:

Camera RAW, Street Photography, Visual Storytelling

Winter 2013