CRDN ‘Patient Journey’ poster

Oct 30, 2017 | CRDN, Graphics, Vasculitis, Visual communication

Snippet of the poster in the Cambridge Rare Disease Network ‘Patient Journey’ poster booklet

 in my heaEarlier in the year Cambridge Rare Disease Network put a call out for Patient Journey posters to be part of the 3rd Rare Disease Summit (#CRDN2017) in October. In the call out for poster designs, CRDN said  Journey maps go beyond the static medical view of a condition by illustrating the patient experience, promoting emotional responses and empathy and providing a visually compelling story of the patients’ journey.”

The theme for the summit is “Re-imagining the Patient Journey” and poster competition entries could be from patient groups, charities or individual patient’s – including those who didn’t have a formal diagnosis. The brief was to design an A0 poster that reflected the Patient Journey, using the 4 headings; Causes of the condition, Symptoms and treatment, Impact of the condition & Hopes and aspirations for the future.

As a graphic designer, and owner of a complex rare disease, I was drawn to the challenge of how to visually communicate Vasculitis from a patient’s perspective to an audience of medical professionals that would including pharma representation, clinicians, students and researchers, patient groups and other rare disease stakeholders.

Lynn the Vasculitis UK Helpline Support and Research Grant Administrator was keen to help me. When we started talking about the competition Lynn said that ‘the patients’ journey’ is becoming a buzz phrase within the NHS, and we both felt that creating a poster for the CRDN summit would be a great way to get the message out to multiple rare disease stakeholder about Vasculitis.

Lynn and I are both Behçet’s Disease patients and we were very keen to have Behçet’s and other rarer forms of Vasculitis featured on the poster. We both and the rare disease summit was the perfect place to get all of them some much-needed attention. 

Over the summer we set about working out how to explain 6 rare disease patient journeys, with the added complication that no two Vasculitis patients have the same journey! While working on the poster Lynn referred to this as the “diagnostic odyssey” and this phrase stuck in my head. I then had the idea of borrowing the concept of a very well known board game and its set of characters… but, with a medical twist! and with a few new of our own creations including the “multi-factorial life dice”.

We were selected as 1 of the 5 short listed entries. All 5 of us were given the opportunity to have the poster projected onto the main screen in the auditorium and the chance to give a 5 minute to pitch to the audience. This pitch was presented from the patient journey perspective “…if you had 3 wishes what would they be?”.

As you can imagine, we were both delighted to be told that the Vasculitis UK Poster was selected as the overall winner. The Trustees of Cambridge Rare Disease Network said “Your poster was nominated as the best overall design for its incredible creativity and impact. The novel way in which the complex journey was portrayed really cleverly draws you in and is extremely memorable. Congratulations to all of you for your contribution to this – you should be very proud!!”. During the summit, Lynn and I had an overwhelmingly positive response to the poster and some very supportive comments about the 3 wishes that had been put forward in the 5-minute pitch.

Screenshot of Kay Parkinson, CEO, Twitter feed