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Deer stalking

Sep 7, 2017 | Graphics, Photography

After the success of Winston, I was asked if I’d like to design the Christmas card for Vasculitis UK. Almost straight away I knew what design I’d like to do, but getting the right source material proved to be a little more tricky. I tried all the normal places and that included my daughter’s extensive collection of animal books… but to no avail.

We were then invited to spend the August Bank Holiday weekend down in London with family. I’d been to Richmond Park many years ago to take photos of the deer and this seemed like the ideal time to go and hopefully get the resource images I’d been searching for…

There are Fallow and Red Deer at Richmond, we saw plenty of the Fallow deer, the ones I didn’t need a photo of – obviously. The Red Deer seemed either camera shy or to be hiding from the heat and park going humans. But as we were driving out of the park we saw some right by the side of the road, in the road and on the path. I got out of the car with my cousin (while the other 3 stayed in the car to cool down with the air conditioning).

After a little bit of waiting, watching, stalking and getting out of the way (it is surprising how quickly the deer can move – and with those antlers I wasn’t gonna get in their way!) I got the shot I was looking for! Once I was back at home I was able to get going on drawing Hope (the deer on the Christmas card)…

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