May is #VasculitisAwarenessMonth

May 14, 2017 | Drawing, Graphics, Vasculitis, Visual communication

Card with my Winson illustation on the front

May is #VasculitisAwarenessMonth. What is Vasculitis? Vasculitis is a collection of 18 diseases that all have one thing in common – inflammation of the blood vessels. The inflammation happens because the immune system is attacking itself. All of these diseases are complex, life-long conditions and often require the patient to have their immune system suppressed with medication. I have Behçet’s disease a rare form Vasculitis. 

Back in February, I took part in the 2017 #RareDiseaseDay Photo Challenge on twitter and on my personal Facebook page to raise awareness of what it is like to be a rare disease patient. One image in particular that I created during this month long challenge was very well received and I had lots of compliments and several requests from my friends, family and from members of Vasculitis UK Facebook group, to get the image put onto a card. So as part of #VasculitisAwarenessMonth and to raise funds for Vasculitis UK I have produced a simple card/notelet that feature the illustration that has become known as Winston. If you’d like more information please feel free to drop me an email.