Kodak Brownie Reflex

Sep 23, 2015 | Photography

I saw this vintage camera in a charity shop and could not resist. I know these cameras where manufactuered in their millions but there is something about them that I like. They were made at the Kodak site in Harrow London, between 1946 and 1960. The same Kodak site I worked at for serval years…. many decades later.

I am trying to date the camera but all I can find is a sticker inside saying “Serviced by Kodak Limited London, 1960”. Also written inside the camera is “H.123” I wonder what that might mean, I doubt this is an original feature the ink looks too modern.

I’ve been able to find a copy of the manual and I am tempted buy a B&W film to put through just to see. If I do I will post the results on here. I have no doubt that the film and the processing will cost me more than the camera did.