EEA promo video features one of my images

Feb 25, 2015 | Photography

The European Environment — State and Outlook 2015 Report (SOER 2015) is being launched in Brussels next week. One of my two photographs shortlisted for the EEA Environment & Me photography competition has been used in a promotional video for the launch of this report (and can be seen at 46 seconds).

The SOER 2015 provides a comprehensive assessment of the European environmental state, trends and prospects, and places it in a global context. It will inform European environmental policy implementation between 2015 and 2020, and analyses the opportunities to modify existing policies (and the knowledge used to inform those policies) in order to achieve the European Union’s 2050 vision of: living well within the limits of the planet. It’s a massive package of information, including the Synthesis report, Assessment of global megatrends, European briefings on 25 topics, 9 cross-country comparisons, and briefings on 39 countries and 3 regions.