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as if you haven’t guessed already – I’m Suzanne. I’ve been obsessed with pictures for as long as I can remember. As a child, I was happiest when drawing pictures or taking photographs. That hasn’t changed! But thankfully technology has moved on somewhat since I was given a Kodak Disc camera for my 7th birthday.

Now, I’m a Graphic Designer with over 19 years’ experience in creating commercial designs, artwork and visual communication. A selection of recent projects can be found in the portfolio section below. For information about my qualifications, skills and experience please see my LinkedIn profile. I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Photography in May 2014, having returned to studying to see what was possible when I bring together my love of photography and my design skills. In one module, I chose to explore how to visually communicate climate change from a child’s perspective. My motivation for this was: Climate change is no longer about what the impact on ‘future generations’ will be. Climate scientists have agreed climate change is here, and forecasts are that it’s the generation of children (that my daughter is part of) who will be most affected.

I’m a social media butterfly, flitting between the various platforms looking for something that gets my attention. However, I am addicted to Pinterest! I find it useful for almost every project I work on, or for hold-that-thought ideas and plans for the future. To see the full scale of my addiction, visit my collection of boards. Or, find me on Twitter as @visualsumo.

Thanks to our daughter, I’ve now got several years’ experience of chalkboard scribbling, sticking and finger painting  – although, in reality, it is more like full body painting! In return, I’ve gained an understanding of art and photography from an 8-year-old art critic’s point of view! When we aren’t creating we’re out-and-about in nature exploring, having a swim, messing about in the garden, listening to music, or rummaging around flea markets and charity shops looking for things that might spark off an idea for a creative project (or hunting for vintage buttons). And when we’re not doing any of that, chances are we are cooking, eating or drinking tea, or any combination of the three.

My daughter and I at Butterfly World in Hertfordshire

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